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2008 Dockdogs National Championships Update!

Oct 14th, 2008 by Sue | 1


I want to congratulate all our members that competed in the 2008 DD Nat Championships this past weekend in WI! (I also want to thank those that attended to support the club/team that did not jump dogs…..Leesa, mandy, stef and competitor family members….your being there meant so much!!). I also want to recognize Kris who, though she could not be there, called-texted and did all she could to stay in the loop and share her support for the team.  It just wasnt the same with ya Kris!!

Not only did everyone do very well as individual teams, our club also placed 4th in the club challenge (there are 22 dockdog clubs) behind WI, Chicagoland and Ontario…some of the BIG club in the affiliate system. so we did VERY well for being a smaller club! We hope that many more of you can join us next year for the dockdogs 10 year anniversary to be celebrated at the National Championship in……OHIO!! Plan now and let’s all go and show them the spirit of CLUB 3D and Team MYTDOG!!!!

Now, I will not remember all the accomplishments of our Club competitors but I will do my best to re-cap them here for you: (I apologize if I get any distances or times a little off or forget some of the awards…I will do my best here)

Nate and Zoe–    new PB of 14′ 11″ on first jump, improving to a 15’6″ on the second jump in Junior Prelims. Placed in the top 20 dogs

Nancy and Cori-           new PB of 15’6″ in junior Prelims. Placed in top 20 dogs. Great sit and drive down the dock!

Chuck and Loki- had a 20’+ jump in master Prelims…….and Chuck didn’t fall in the pool :-)…….. Guess our little bet goes into next year! Loki looks great and will be a contender next year!

Stacy and Daisy- daisy showed Stacy in practice the kind of “pop” she can have and we will build on that next season! She pulled an 18’1″ jump and finished in the third of a nearly 90 dog senior division!

Todd and Fuse-man, loved that sit stay!! Fuse and Todd made huge improvements in their teamwork and he popped an 18’+ jump also putting him in the top third of the senior division prelims! Look forward to building on that next year!

Laura and Chessie– chessie got out of the pool much quicker!! 🙂 also put up some solid and consistent 17’+ jumps in the senior division prelims! I look forward to seeing this team come together and get the balance of speed with building on the power of the “pop” next year! They more info

were right in the top third or so also!!!

Sean and Jordan-National champ in Speed Retrieve (all were sub 6 second runs). Did excellent in Iron Dog placing first in the BA and SR portions but unfortunately missing in the grab in EV—still a phenomenal showing. Placed 3rd in the elite division. Earned dockdogs rookie of the year award, top rank SR dog in the world,country and zone, earned most exciting team award, won second place in the High Points Chase. Sean had a great nationals and season that will put him to the test next year. Good job jordan!


Eddie and Bogie– bogie competed in elite division prelim and SR. Always a fun team to watch, bogie showed his speed and enthusiasm on the dock putting down some 8 second runs in SR and solid jumps in BA! I can see this dog challenging in SR next year!

Dan and Missy– missy put out her usual big jumps but just missed the elite division finals. Always a good showing by this team.

Dan and Katie- great jumps in the Junior division with a 16’2″ jump and looking more and more like her mom (missy) all the time!

Dan and Kody- great job in the Iron dog placing 8th with some strong performances in BA (22 or 23′), SP (6.5 I believe) and EV (6’6″ I think)

Jean and Lisa- wow! Challengin her sister in the prelims of juniors she pulled out a new PB 16′ and Jean seemed thrilled! We were all thrilled for her too!

Sue and Lucky–lucky competed in both novice and veteran divisions and pumped out consistent jumps and a new PB of 9’3″!! He finished 12th of 34 dogs in novice and put on a great performance in vet with jumps of 8’6″ and 8’10”! Not bad for a boy nearly 10yo!

Sue and Tanner– tanner jumped consistently in the 20+ all weekend in elite and veteran! Tanner repeated for the second year in a row as the Veteran Division National Champion as well as the Gracie Award recipient and #1 ranked veteran in the world. I was both shocked and honored to have been chosen for the Sportsperson of the year award.

We were fortunate to have fantastic weather and lots of fun. Sadly this means the close of the 2008 competition season but don’t forget about our club banquet (potluck style) coming up Nov 15th……details coming soon! We hope you will all try and put this on your calendar and join us!

Thank you all for a great year ….. There are great thing in the works for 2009 already, so be sure to renew your membership for 2009!

One Comment on “2008 Dockdogs National Championships Update!”

  1. Stacy Dietch said:

    Way to Go Club MYTDOG with an overall fourth place finish in the 2008 Club Challenge at Nationals. We only missed 3rd place by 2 points! I think this is FANTASTIC!!!

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